Our vision

The DOF Group is a trusted and leading partner delivering services globally for a sustainable utilisation of offshore energy and other subsea resources."

Our values

Our core values were chosen by our remarkable team. Our actions are grounded by our values, creating a safe and ethical culture.    

Respect - Integrity - Teamwork - Excellence - And above all we are SAFE

A brief history of DOF Subsea

The Company was established in May 2005 as parent, DOF ASA acquired GEO Group AS and its subsidiary Geoconsult AS. Originally listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange as Geo ASA the Company was later renamed DOF Subsea. The Group was established in all the major oil and gas production areas around the world with a dedicated fleet of 10 vessels. 

In 2008 DOF Subsea delisted from the Oslo Stock Exchange as a new shareholding structure was established. As of November 2019, DOF Subsea is owned by DOF ASA (100%).

DOF Subsea follows DOF ASA's financial calendar releasing an annual report and quarterly reports along with presentations.

The parent Company, DOF ASA, is an international group of companies that own and operate a modern fleet of offshore vessels and subsea engineering capability to service the global offshore energy market.

Founded in 2005, the Group is a leading provider of subsea project and marine services and is present in all major offshore regions in the world

A remarkable team of over 1200 subsea professionals
Own and operate a fleet of 25 vessels
Offices, facilities and assets where you do business
Own and operate a fleet of over 74 ROVs


DOF Subsea is established following the acquisition of Geoconsult and listed in the second half of 2005       


First Reserve acquires 49% of DOF Subsea, which in the following delists from the Olso Stock Exchange 


Following multiple acquisitions from
2005-2010, DOF Subsea becomes a large and global organisation 


DOF Subsea is awarded four PLSV long-term contracts in a joint venture with TechnipFMC


After award of several large contracts DOF Subsea expands to 1858 employees
and 27 vessels


The focus is on consolidation and streamlining of business operations to improve efficiency and competitiveness in a challenging market


Sees delivery of two newbuilds that enter into 8 and 10 year  long-term contracts plus options  


The third of four PLSVs - the first to be built in Brazil - is delivered  to the joint venture with TechnipFMC
and into an 8 year contract  


The fourth and final of the PLSVs is delivered to the joint venture with TechnipFMC and into an 8 year contract




DOF publishes new Vision and Mission to provide essential services in existing and renewable offshore energy sector

Meet our Board of Directors

Meet our Management Team

A responsible organisation

Active in our communities, environmental stewardship and safeguarding the health and safety of our people. Discover more about the programs that ensure we are a safe, fair and sustainable organisation.

Corporate Governance

Equitable, effective and prudent management.  

The development and improvement of the Company’s Corporate Governance framework is a continuous process for our Board of Directors and the Executive Management team.

Discover more about the mechanisms, processes and relationships that ensure we balance the interests of our stakeholders and deliver long-term success.

Code of Business Conduct

Safe, Legal, Ethical everywhere we do business.

Everywhere the DOF Group does business we act responsibly and ethically. We all play an important part and take pride in the way we do business. Our actions and decisions have always been guided by and grounded in our values. In this way, we ensure we are honest, fair and equitable in all our dealings, deserve our reputation and continue to build our future.

Respecting Human Rights

Related to the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015, the DOF Group publishes an annual statement describing the steps it has taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not occurring in its supply chains or in any parts of its own business. Find our Modern Slavery Act statement on the page linked below.

DOF Workbook

The workbook is used during employee training, making each member of the DOF Group more aware of what we do and the way in which we do it. The Workbook includes a combination of technical information and practical activities, written from a DOF perspective while supporting international initiatives and standards.

Customer Satisfaction

Your feedback helps us to improve. DOF works with you to understand your needs and meet your requirements. We need your feedback to ensure we deliver quality products and services, safely. Click here to fill out and submit your Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Your input is appreciated.

Our Ethics Helpline

We are all responsible for fostering a culture of corporate compliance and ethical behaviour. We maintain an open working environment in which employees and contractors can report any breach of law or any violation of the DOF Group’s policies or other legal or ethical concerns, without fear of intimidation or reprisal.


"People are our most important asset." - Mons S. Aase, DOF Subsea Group CEO. Learn about career paths, opportunities & benefits within DOF Subsea and how to become a part of the offshore future.