Our values and guiding principles

Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence and above all we are SAFE. Our values interact with each other, shape our remarkable team and are embedded in our policies, our code of business conduct and guide our strong safe and ethical culture.


We act with care and consideration 


We strive to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.


We are responsible and


In everything we do. Common sense solutions to everyday problems.  


Above all we are safe

Active in the communities in which we operate

The DOF Group works to give underprivileged children a chance for a better future. We promote education and sporting programs and support specialist organisations in Brazil and the Philippines.
The DOF Group’s global maritime cadetship program helps to build a skilled and sustainable workforce. The program gives cadets a structured path to gain qualifications and a long-term livelihood. The Group, along with other Norwegian Ship owners, established and supports specialist training centres in the Philippines and Brazil.
Our people are close to their local communities and are crucial to our Corporate Social Responsibility programs. They give their time and give the company a pulse-point to help ensure our programs are managed well and on hand when and where they are needed most.

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Environmental stewardship

The DOF Group has reported environmental performance through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) since 2010 and ranks in the top 30 percent along with other companies judged to have more advanced environmental stewardship.
DOF Group is a leader in the field of managing environmental performance and through these measures, energy efficiency and climate impact. The Group employs latest technology in ship design and fuels, as well as operational optimization across subsea project and marine operations.
The DOF Group participates in the ‘Our Oceans Challenge’ (OOC) platform to assist with the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions now and into the future.

Joining the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

In 2014 the DOF Group started reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines which is recognized as the world’s leading reporting standard for sustainability.

Active in our communities, environmental stewardship and safeguarding the health and safety of our people. Discover more about the programs that ensure we are a safe, fair and sustainable organisation. Download our sustainability report.

Corporate Governance

Equitable, effective and prudent management.  

The development and improvement of the Company’s Corporate Governance framework is a continuous process for our Board of Directors and the Executive Management team.

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Code of Conduct

Safe, Legal, Ethical everywhere we do business.

Everywhere the DOF Group does business we act responsibly and ethically. We all play an important part and take pride in the way we do business. Our actions and decisions have always been guided by and grounded in our values. In this way, we ensure we are honest, fair and equitable in all our dealings, deserve our reputation and continue to build our future.