Reference is made to the resolutions adopted in the bondholders' meetings in DOF Subsea AS' three bond loans (FRN DOF Subsea AS Senior Unsecured Bond Issue 2013/2020, DOF Subsea AS 9.50% Senior Unsecured Bond Issue 2017/2022 and FRN DOF Subsea AS Senior Unsecured Bond Issue 2018/2023) on 29 April 2022, whereby the bondholders on certain conditions approved to extend their waiver from, and suspension of, all payment obligations under each of the bond loans until 22 June 2022, with a possibility to further extend the standstill arrangement currently in place to 30 September 2022 with the approval of the ad-hoc group of bondholders (the "Ad-Hoc Group").

Reference is further made to the announcements on 22 June 2022 regarding the restructuring agreement between, among others, DOF ASA, DOF Subsea AS, Iceman AS, and the secured lenders to the DOF group and the members of the Ad-Hoc Group (the "Restructuring Agreement"), which sets out the terms and conditions of the planned restructuring of DOF Group's outstanding debt (the "Restructuring").

The completion of the Restructuring is dependent on the bondholders agreeing to further extend the standstill arrangement insofar as required to implement the Restructuring pursuant to the terms of the Restructuring Agreement. DOF Subsea AS has therefore requested Nordic Trustee AS to summon bondholders' meetings in the three bond loans to consider the extension of the standstill period initially until 31 October 2022 and with a possibility to extend the standstill period on one or more occasions to 30 November 2022 with the approval of the Ad-Hoc Group. The proposal is further described in the attached summons to the bondholders in the three bond loans.

>>> DOF Subsea Bond Summons (PDF)

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